Tales and Trails

Manifest destiny.

That’s what they called it. In short, it is the summary given to the multitudes that felt compelled by life’s circumstances, to move and to settle The America West.

This massive migration however, began long before the phrase was coined, and continues in the hearts of many today!

But; you may ask, why did they do it?

To risk life and limb on mere chance, would seem foolhardy to some.

Covered Wagon

 But to these many, in ‘chance’ lies the prospect for opportunity. And sometimes, opportunity is all the chance needed.

Gold Pan




We are all natural born dreamers.

window pix


For some, to sleep on a dream is adventure enough.

But for others, they are compelled to act. They are stirred to move on it. For them, it is not only to sleep on a dream, but it is theirs to find satisfaction in the experience of it!

Will Gazing Over Field

There were thousands of voyagers, wanderers and explorers that came before us. And there were settlers too. Many whose names are engraved only in the prints, the soles of their boots left behind. My hats off to them. All of them! The sheer practical genius of these men and women is what settled the American west.


Today the landscape of The West has changed a little since that of those our history recalls.

But the streams they crossed and the mountains they climbed are still here in all of their rugged and beautiful grandeur!


Old wagon ruts are still visible in some places, and stand as a testament to the risk, strength and courage it takes to strive for a dream.

And yes, dreams are still to be found out here. They are alive in all the people that roam these parts, and are as vast as the land it self.

And The West, our west is still the place where legends are born.


Solid facts, mixed with pure fiction, and a good passage of time, are the makings of a good legend.




Some will remember the

adventurer Will Thunder!

























Now, let me tell you,

no one has accused Will Thunder of being legendary…Yet!



But maybe; Just maybe, with a good passage of time…



Will Thunder’s Tales and Trails

Rides again…