Along the Lewis and Clark Trail




Along the Lewis and Clark Trail

May 26th 2019

In response to The Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, and their men were the first Americans to discover a path across the West to the Pacific. In their wake came the mountain men, prospectors, cattlemen, sodbusters, tracklayers and then finally, the city builders.

Our journey this day, started on Highway Thirty on the Washington side of the Mighty Columbia. Along the old “Lewis and Clark Trail.”



“Ocian in view! O! The joy.”

These words are written in Captain William Clark’s journal dated November 7, 1805.

On that day though, he was not standing on the shores the Pacific Ocean, but rather the banks of the Columbia River Estuary. “The Corps of Discovery” entered these marshes and was forced to its banks for days do to rough weather. It would be another couple of weeks before Captains Lewis and Clark would actually reach the Pacific Ocean.

The explorers passed this site on November 26th, 1805 and found hundreds of migratory birds. “They were immensely numerous and their noise horrid!” Captain Clark was quoted.



But seriously folks, I never saw a thing.



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Bonanza Diamond Jubilee Feb. 22-24 2019

The Ponderosa II. Photo by Bailey
From the Ponderosa II Collection



Sixty years of








January 28, 2019


Ponderosa Nevada Post Card



At The Round Up!



















Top Hand Skip





And I are getting our horses ready..






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Southern Utah Trail Ride

Thursday October 4, 2018

St. George Utah

About 1,077 miles from the end of the Oregon Trail is a quaint little “Jumping off” place called St. George, in the Southwestern corner of Utah.

Our Journey to Utah was a smooth one. That is until we reached the shores of The Great Salt Lake!

Here we were delayed by a passing thunderstorm and forced to take cover, and wait it out. But fortunately for us, it did not last long, and we were once again on our way. Consequently, it did not succeed in dampening our spirits one little bit! We arrived safely with our team, in the High Desert territory of St. George (2,860 ft.), late in the evening but in good cheer! Here the weather was warm and clear!

And lucky for us we were just in time for their famous Marathon!

Saturday October 6, 2018

St. George, Utah

The Marathon begins near the base of Pine Valley Mountain just out side of St. George, and runs a course made of a slightly downhill slope into St. George.


Let me tell you, with a name like that, I am glad to be recounting this story literarily, rather than in the oral tradition!

Now the reader may ask; what does Pheidippides have to do with any of this? A fair question indeed! I beg your indulgence for just a moment. And I will tell you.


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